Buyers FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

BitsyBay is a digital Bitcoin marketplace  which enables buyer and seller to trade in a widge range of digital goods using Bitcoins.

As the name suggests, only bitcoins are accepted as payment method on BitsyBay

Once you have successfully paid for an item ,it is immediately available to download and for future access.

While BitsyBay does not have any ownership of the items/goods sold on our platform by third party vendors we try to make it a safe place both for the buyers and sellers alike. If the items/goods doesn’t match the description or is altered , invalid and doesn’t perform the function/work it was intend for. Then in such cases buyers can dispute refund claims within 6 hours from time of purchase.

However if the items/goods you purchased is sold by us {digit Store} then we’ll issue you a no questions asked refund subject to our T&C.

To claim refund please send us a mail at and describe your issues/reasons in details as to why you are to entitle for a refund.

After you have sent us a refund claim email we will work closely with the sellers to give a reasonable resolutions . In such a case where a seller doesn’t responds then we will investigate and come out a resolution.

If you are claiming refund for items sold by our official store [Digit Store] we’ll issue the refund once we have received your input of your external bitcoin wallet address.

Refunds will only be entertain if an item/good doesn’t match the description or invalid or doesn’t perform the functions/work it is intended or claimed for. We do not entertain any refunds arising out of mistaken purchase and or if you no longer require the purchase items

We will contact you on your registered email id for your external bitcoins address . Once we received your input we will process refunds within 2 working days.

Sellers FAQ( Frequently Asked Questions)

To start selling  on BitsyBay you have to be an approved merchant on our platform. You can apply for a seller merchant account here

Once, we receive your seller application one of our staff will go through your application and will get back to you within 2 working days if your application has been rejected or accepted.

You can literally sell any downloadable digital  files.

You may not sell any copy-wright product/items on our platform and or any illegal files or documents

We do not charge anything on your first 5 sales. After that we charge a flat 10% of your selling price as fees. No upfront payment and no subscription required. You only pay when you sell.

Withdrawals are fully automatic on our platform which means you can sit back and relax. Once you sell an item your outstanding balance are automatically forwarded to your external bitcoin wallet through our Split Coin technology.

Split coin is BitsyBay in-house block-chain technology that automatically split/divides the received coins between the seller and BitsyBay. In short, once a sales is done, we deduct 10% vendor fees and  automatically forward the rest to your registered bitcoin address. This saves a lot of time and man force because now you do not need to manually request withdrawal and we do not need to interfere with your withdrawal. Everything is automated through the Split Coin technology

When we receive a dispute claim from any of your buyer(s) within 6 hours of their purchase we will immediately notify you of the same through email and you get 24 hours to responds to it. In case you fail to responds then we will automatically resolve the case in favor of the buyer. 

When we received your input for valid evidence. We will investigate the matter thoroughly. And if we happens to resolve on your favor, you can still issue partial or full refund to the buyer just in case you do not want a frustrated customer or bad reviews

Once we send a refund to the buyer , your account will be in negative outstanding balance and the same will be automatically deducted when you make the next sales.